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Product Liability and Commercial Liability in Phoenix

When a consumer purchases a product, it is assumed that the product will perform in a safe and non-harmful manner. Malfunctioning products can cause severe or catastrophic injuries to children and adults. Negligent manufacturing, defective designs and inadequate labeling create hazards for consumers and workers every day. Retailers and manufacturers, unfortunately, place revenue over safety all too often and must be held accountable with a product or commercial liability suit. Jardine, Baker, Hickman, Houston wants to help you receive the damages you are owed if you have suffered a serious injury from a defective product.

To discuss your concerns regarding product and commercial liability, contact our Phoenix Product Liability Attorneys. Contact us online or call  602-200-9777 to arrange an initial consultation and find out what we can do for you.

Strict Liability in Phoenix

Strict liability refers to liability without fault meaning vendors, retailers and manufacturing companies can be responsible for providing financial compensation to victims who suffer personal injury or harm from one of their products. The product and commercial liability attorneys in Phoenix at JBHH understand the full realm of the strict liability laws and we will fight to protect your rights under that law.

Three Defective Product Categories for Product and Commercial Liability

There are three general categories that most defective products fall under:

  1. Design defects: when a product is faulty from the start of the design process, it can cause severe injuries. Product safety testing should be conducted, but is not always conducted properly or with enough research.
  2. Manufacturer defects: time constraints and profit can cause a manufacturer to unsafely produce products.
  3. Marketing defects: when a vendor sells a product without proper instructions or safety warnings, injuries can occur.

Commercial Insurance Coverage

In most circumstances, manufacturing companies, large corporations and retailers have insurance for payment on product and commercial liability claims. Because insurance representatives are trained to offer the least amount of damages to victims, it is always in your best interest to enlist the legal representation of an expert product liability attorney. JBHH offers Phoenix residents the highest level of reputable advocacy for all areas of product and commercial liability claims. Do not agree to a settlement without seeking our legal counsel first.

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