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Phoenix Insurance Bad Faith Lawyers

When a person or entity enters into a contract, both sides are legally bound to keep and fulfill the terms delineated in the contract. If either party does not follow through with their part of the contract, that party can be held liable for their actions or lack of actions.

When an individual pays monthly premiums for insurance, they typically assume their insurance will cover the damages that occur from a disaster, accident, or health crisis. However, too many insurance companies have added “insult to injury” by denying or underpaying on an insurance claim. This unethical practice is called bad faith insurance. Insurance companies that participate in bad faith procedures need to be held legally accountable for their actions.

To speak with a JBHH lawyer about a bad faith matter, contact us at 602-222-9777 for a free 30-minute consultation or fill out our contact form and we look forward to getting you the help you need!

Insurance Bad Faith Examples

  • Extended investigations of the claim
  • Delayed payout of benefits
  • Denial to pay full benefits
  • Refusal to pay benefits

Protection from Insurance Bad Faith Practices

Jardine, Baker, Hickman, Houston PLLC will provide personalized representation to protect you and your rights and help you receive the benefits you are owed. Individuals who attempt to negotiate with insurance giants on their own are not evenly matched. Insurance companies have in-house legal representation and consistently enlist intimidating denials or delays for insurance settlements to pay out as little as possible. The Phoenix firm of JBHH wants to handle the negotiations and the settlement to allow you to be paid the largest settlement possible.

If you have any reason to believe you are not receiving fair treatment from your insurance representative, do not hesitate to enlist Jardine, Baker, Hickman, Houston to stand up for your rights. We have the tenacious reputation established with insurance companies that reinforces our ability to seek the highest compensation for you.

Bad Faith Insurance Litigation

While many of our bad faith insurance claims are settled out of court, our lawyers will not hesitate to take the insurance company through the full realm of litigation if necessary. JBHH provides the strongest and most respected litigators for our clients. We will attempt to reach an agreement through negotiations, but if we believe the insurance company is being unfair, we will go to court for what is rightfully yours.

The insurance bad faith lawyers at Jardine, Baker, Hickman, Houston have an upstanding reputable background with the Phoenix court system. Our highly ethical and knowledgeable lawyers are respected for our expertise in handling bad faith insurance suits.

Do not allow an insurance company to bully you into settling for less than you are owed. Enlist the advocacy of JBHH today. Call 602-200-9777 to schedule your free consultation or fill out our contact form.