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Personal Injury Attorneys in Phoenix

If you or a family member has suffered a serious personal injury, you recognize your life has been changed in an instance. Long-term or permanent disability can result from serious injury, as well as life-long medical bills and decreased earning capacity. Common serious injuries include spinal injuries that can result in partial or total paralysis and brain injuries that can affect a person’s cognitive and mental abilities. In addition, severe burns can leave physical and psychological scars for the remainder of the victim’s life.

Patients in Phoenix, Arizona who have suffered a serious injury due to the negligence of another individual or entity can enlist the advocacy of the personal injury attorneys at Jardine, Baker, Hickman, Houston PLLC. Our team of experts recognizes how detrimental a serious injury, such as a brain injury can be to you and your family. JBHH as the vast resources and knowledge you want fighting for your rights to allow you to receive the settlement that will cover your past, current and future damages related to your injury.

The attorneys at Jardine, Baker, Hickman & Houston will make sure that you receive excellent personalized legal service regardless of the issue that you are facing. We offer free consultations to all of our clients, which are completely confidential. Call now at 602-200-9777 or fill out our contact form.

Assessing Immediate and Future Needs

Victims of serious injuries often underestimate the amount of financial resources they will need for their immediate care, let alone their future care. Future surgical procedures may become necessary; day-to-day medical assistance from a nurse may be required for the patient to recognize the recovery they desire. Insurance representatives are trained to offer the smallest settlement possible to allow their company to establish the largest profit. If you accept a settlement without seeking personal injury legal counsel, you most likely will settle for less than you should and you will negate the possibility of recovering more damages in the future. Jardine, Baker, Hickman, Houston personal injury attorneys want to prevent that mistake and help you receive the settlement you deserve.

Catastrophic Brain Injury in Phoenix

Brain injuries are just one of the many serious injuries we represent at the law firm of JBHH. However, brain injuries require long-term rehabilitation that often takes far longer than first anticipated. When the negligence of another person causes catastrophic brain injury, you need the advocacy of the personal injury attorneys at the Phoenix law firm of Jardine, Baker, Hickman, Houston. Our firm is dedicated and passionate about helping brain injury clients recover the monies they need for their serious injuries.

Contact JBHH for Personal Injury Representation

Contact our firm today for a free consultation at 602-200-9777. We will never mislead you or accept a case unless we feel we have a substantial claim for you and your family. We handle all injury claims on a contingency basis.