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Business and Commercial Litigation in Phoenix, AZ

The Business and Commercial Litigation lawyers at Jardine, Barker, Hickman, Houston have extensive experience and expertise in resolving a wide variety of business disputes. We are often successful in resolving these disputes without taking them to trial if doing so is in our client’s best interest.  We thoroughly evaluate and investigate each case, and partner with our clients to determine their optimal options for a successful outcome.  Our litigation attorneys understand the value of mediating and resolving business conflicts outside the courtroom, saving our clients both time and money.

Contact us online or call at 602-200-9777 to get started. A knowledgeable legal professional is standing by and waiting to assist you with your case. You have nothing to lose by investing in your freedom, so don’t wait another second to contact our firm.

Mediation and Trial Representation for Business and Commercial Litigation

If necessary, our trial attorneys at JBHH welcome the opportunity to present their clients’ case before a jury and judge, and are well-known for their abilities to present the compelling and convincing evidence required when litigating a case through the court system.  Their professional and ethical approach has gained the respect of judges and opposing attorneys in business and commercial litigation trials.

Types of Business and Commercial Litigation and Representation

The business and commercial litigation attorneys at JBHH handle a wide range of disputes, including:

  • Partnership contract disputes
  • Disputes involving breach of contracts
  • Disputes involving company shareholders
  • Antitrust disputes
  • Disputes involving fraud
  • Business Corporations
  • Sole proprietorship
  • Debt collections
  • Insurance liability disputes
  • Employee disputes

Focus on Resolution for Your Business

Partnering with the commercial and business litigation attorneys at Jardine, Baker, Hickman, Houston PLLC in Phoenix, AZ allows you to focus on the day-to-day needs of your company and employees.  In addition, it also gives you the freedom to grow your business without the added stress of attempting to resolve a business dispute that can escalate if not handled quickly and properly.

Jardine, Baker, Hickman, Houston attorneys are well-known for their loyalty and availability to their clients, and have successfully litigated hundreds of commercial and business disputes winning significant settlements and verdicts in favor of our clients.

To discuss concerns you have regarding business and commercial litigation in Phoenix, AZ, contact our highly respected and knowledgeable attorneys at Jardine, Baker, Hickman, Houston for a consultation to determine your legal options.  We will partner with you and fight for your rights in resolving your business and commercial disputes.